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(Waste Free Oceans)

A kid's book against ocean waste. Made from ocean waste. Our oceans are drowning in plastic. If we don't act, their flora and fauna will change profoundly and ultimately die. This affects all of us. But the ones most affected are the ones we deem most precious: Kids. To give them the power for change and to reverse this lethal development, we developed The Ocean Plastic Books together with NGO Waste Free Oceans. The book is made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. It tells the story of Pippa: A brave little girl that gets to live her dream, dives deep into the ocean and meets all the ocean animals. Only to find out that they can't swim: Because of plastic. But Pippa frees them from the plastic and becomes the Queen Of The Ocean.

A self-initiated project with Michael Maria Morgenbesser,
Directed by Thilo Gundelach, Photography by Luisa Hanika.

Together with Tejin we invented a completely new kind of paper made out of recycled ocean plastic. Water and tear resistent yet with a similiar look and feel than traditional paper.