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The world is in turmoil. Our generation will be defined as the one destined to stay at home for months at a time. Feeling restless. Helpless. And as the world keeps moving around us, changing faster and faster, ultimately – insignificant. European DIY chain store HORNBACH couldn’t accept this. Since its beginning, the brand has propagated the power of the project to propel us to new heights. So during the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to turn the destiny of the everyday DIYer into a virtue. Creating an epic journey of an incredibly shrunken man. Heroically, almost mythically, surpassing his old-self in the cathartic work on a project. Culminating in a rallying cry not only for the DIYer, but for our time: It seems impossible. Until you do it.

Agency: Heimat Berlin
Directed by Tom Kuntz.

Billboards and posters encouraged people to believe in their own abitilies to create change.